About us

As the saying goes “all roads lead to Rome” but in this case our journey takes us through Tuscany, land of the Etruscans, more precisely to Lucignano, between Siena and Arezzo.

Here the Chianti Mountains, the Crete Senesi and the Valdichiana meet, crossed by the breezes of Lake Trasimeno.
In this setting of wild nature, the Argena makes its way, shaped by the work of man over the centuries.

Seen from above the surrounding hills, it appears like an oasis immersed in the woods.

Here, the legendary Etruscan founder, ARGEN, found a small strip of fertile land where he could cultivate plants imported from the East such as vines, olive trees, wheat, barley and legumes, to ensure his livelihood.

The Etruscan homes with stone walls, sun-kissed loggias and tiled roofs to protect the climate anticipated the style of modern Tuscan farms. In the past, these homes housed livestock and the families of sharecroppers who worked the land for the local lords.
In the Middle Ages, Argena was an agricultural settlement, with a small church called San Pietro d’Argena. Siena and Tuscany, in general, prospered, even financially supporting the Kingdom of France and participating in the Hundred Years’ War. But the centuries brought wars and calamities. Tuscan aristocratic agriculture became marginal and the sharecroppers were forced to abandon the land around the 1960s.

Despite ruined buildings and fields overgrown with brambles, André and Madeleine Berg, attracted by Argena, began a long restoration process that has brought this rustic property to shine again.

A love story

Passionate about travel and nature, André and Madeleine fell in love with Tuscany at the end of the 70s; but it was only in 1977, during one of their trips, that they discovered Podere Argena .

The structure was in a state of total abandonment, and so they decided to set up the project to renovate the nature and architecture of the farm, respecting the ancient Tuscan tradition, and with the idea of bringing it back to life in order to welcome family and friends from all over the world. 

The renovation works began in the early 1980s, and since then the farm has been the subject of constant evolution  .



Over the years, the Argena has been the scene of numerous events and parties: for 30 years André and Madeleine have organized classical music concerts with musicians of great value, including those of an international level, and hosted people from different continents as well as many local friends. All this, in a context of multiculturalism and sharing.

They also had great respect for Tuscan culture: one of the many activities they were passionate about was the production of olive oil. Every year, with the help of their children and friends, the olive harvest and the production of high quality extra virgin olive oil took place.

A tradition that is still perpetuated today, and from which Argena guests can benefit by purchasing the oil produced by Argena olive trees directly on site.


André and Madeleine have left the farm as a legacy to their children who never stop building, planting, repairing and beautifying the structure to make it ever more welcoming and fascinating.

The management of the farm is carried out by Vincent, one of the 8 Berg brothers, who personally welcomes guests upon their arrival and remains available for the entire duration of the stay.